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Holiday at a luxury hotel in Zanzibar with Small Luxury Hotels of the World and watch traditional sailing dhows glide by at sunset from your beachfront pool. Exotic scents of vanilla, nutmeg and cinnamon pervade the air during a spice garden tour.


Luxury Zanzibar beaches

 4 Days Zanzibar beach holidays

Banana trees, mangroves and coconut palms line the road to Nungwi on the northern tip of the island, where craftsmen build wooden dhows by the water’s edge. Dip your toes in the cool freshwater pool that lies hidden in a natural coral cave close to white sand Mangapwani Beach. Giant tortoises roam nearby Changuu (Prison) Island, once a quarantine station for East Africa and now a popular daytrip destination with a rustic restaurant and an intimate beach.


Luxury things to do in Zanzibar

1-Day City Tour of Stone Town

           one Town City Tour

           Starting at $35/person

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Haunting calls prayer emanate from mosques in ancient Stone Town, where noisy bazaars and whitewashed houses are tightly packed along narrow cobbled alleyways. Enjoy a guided underwater dive through colorful coral reefs and shoals of tropical fish in the Misali Island Marine Conservation Area. Nature trails winding through Ngezi Forest Reserve on Pemba Island reveal glimpses of velvet monkeys, rare flying foxes and Scopes owls.

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