Our special interest pages are designed to help you identify individual lodges, camps and hotels that might be of particular interest to you – whatever your special interests are.
For a complex search of our whole database, considering several different special interests, click here.
For some quick ideas, just click on the topics on the left-side menu. Each of these pages is dedicated to a particular theme or special interest, including:

Beach Breaks – if you're thinking of warm, tropical seas, then start here. This section highlights the Africa's best beach lodges, from family-friendly options with endless activities to private island getaways and simple, remote hidaways.

Birdwatching – whilst most safari destinations will make for interesting bird-watching, some shine out above the rest – and some camps have particularly good guides for birding; click here for ideas.

Diving & snorkelling – several of New Adventure Safari team are keen divers, and between us we can cross-compare most diving and snorkelling locations that you may be considering. Read up here, then call us to chat.

Familly Holidays – up until 4-5 years ago families travelling to Africa were a rarity. This section will help to highlight the lodges that cater specifically for families, and those that welcome them warmly.

Honeymoons – all our trips are special, but some are more special than others! Read here for ideas of great lodges for honeymoons – from those that have special arrangements to those that are naturally romantic!

Photographic – we've many keen photographers amongst our travellers, and this section will help photographer to identify some of the best places to visit, and the issues to consider when planning a trip.

Riding – we've a sprinkling of lodges that offer riding, from a few hourse on horseback to 5-day riding safaris. Not to forget the elephant-riding option! Find out where to start looking here.

Solo Travel – all of the New Adventure Safaris team have travelled through Africa alone, and so we know what it's like: some trips work better than others when you're travelling solo. Look here for ideas!

Traditional Cultural Tours – we're very careful and choosy about trips that we recommend which involve visiting traditional cultures, so you'll only find a few listed here. Each is a little gem!

Walking Safaris – lots of our trips have options for walking; some simply hiking, others on walking safaris with big game. This section highlights the best of the options in both categories.

Wellbeing – many of our trips bring, we hope, an element of mental freshness to our travellers; here are a few that can go that little bit further, reaching the parts that others just can't.

Wildlife Safaris – as virtually all of our trips have a wildlife elements, this section aims to draw your attention to the best places to see particular animals, and camps that offer particularly good wildlife experiences.
Needless to say – all of these are just ideas; so don't think of them as the only options, or necessarily the perfect options. If you're puzzled, then don't hesitate to contact us to talk to one of our experts about your trip.

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