Rubondo Island National Park in Tanzania

The largest island national park in the whole of Africa, Rubondo Island is found in Lake Victoria (the second largest lake in Africa!). It measures 26km in length, with a width varying from 3km to 10km in different parts of the island.

Despite being closer to the shores of Rwanda and Uganda, it's Tanzanian owned, and has been uninhabited for decades and almost untouched by tourism.

80% of the island is covered in thick dense tropical forest, and it’s become a haven for a variety of wildlife. With bird species numbering over 200, elephant and giraffe roaming the forests, sitatunga antelope hiding in the papyrus swamps and crocodile and hippo filling the lake, this island has become a wild safari destination – with a rather Jurassic Park feel to it. Of particular interest are the wild chimpanzees, which were introduced in the 60s. Although not yet habituated, research is being carried out with the hope of habituating them in the next year or so.
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