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Community & Conservation  Activities



Red Rocks Stone Grinding Experience


Rwanda Vision underscores Tourism, Conservation and Community based Eco tourism and as the key drivers of our country’s prosperity, NAS implemented a resourceful Community Program to support the local community in Rwanda.

Red Rocks, thus promoting social, environmental and.





Another great way to support traditional Rwandan craft is to do some fair trade shopping!
The Red Rocks Art Center showcases beautiful hand-crafted jewellery, bags, and home goods. Red Rocks is committed to long term collaboration, fair pay, and sustainability.…




Red Rocks offers a number of activities with an opportunity to experience Rwandan traditional living and what makes it authentic. Get practical experience on Grinding millet and sorghum on the local grinding stone to make food and beer.…

Red Rocks Home Stay With Village Walks


Spend an overnight with a friendly Rwandan family, eat local food (helping to prepare dinner which will introduce you to the different varieties of available local food), see how people live and by listening to evening stories get involved in..