Safari Holidays to Kenya

Kenya Activity & Adventure Holidays with New Adventure Safaris

If you have the heart for adventure, a safari holiday in Kenya may just steal it.

Kenya safari holidays offer more than 80 species of wildlife, cultures unchanged by the modern world, pristine beaches, snow-capped mountains, scorched deserts, incredible sunsets and the irresistible sounds and smells of Africa.
On the Masai Mara the most unique waiting game in the world unfolds as endless lines of migrating animals darken the rolling savannah for miles and miles. And then, the chase is on as lions, cheetahs and the occasional leopard race for the kill. The plains of the Masai Mara are home to Masai communities whose rituals and ancient traditions remain an integral part of their everyday life. Once fearful warriors, life is now dominated by the need to tend and protect their cattle; proud Masai men in their bright red cloaks, carry long spears to lead their herds across the vast grasslands in search of water and pastures.