Accommodation in East Africa
New Adventure Safaris Limited recommends a variety of accommodation to our guests depending on budget and interest. We support owner-operated lodges and hotels as well as places that are members of a group. Wherever we suggest that you stay please be assured that we take care to ensure that the lodges and hotel are clean, have good food and superior service. To this end we visit and inspect as often as possible. Some places cater for as few as twenty guest and others have upwards of forty or more rooms. Most have laundry facilities and many offer office service, bear in mind this can be very slow in Tanzania!) and may have a pool and gift shop.

















Accommodation varies from hotels (in Arusha, Dar, Zanzibar and along the coast) to lodges (in and near the wildlife parks), permanent tented camps (basically a lodge with rooms made from canvas and often accommodating fewer people) to mobile or semi-mobile tented camps (classic safari accommodation with varying degrees of amenities such as drop toilets and bucket showers).
As certain periods are "high season" for safaris it may not always be possible to confirm your stay at your first choice of accommodation.








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